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About Membership

Being a member of USCAN brings your organization into the most dynamic global network of organizations working to advocate meaningful and effective solutions to climate change.

Being a member of USCAN brings your organization into the most dynamic global network of organizations working to advocate meaningful and effective solutions to climate change. Specifically, membership in USCAN offers:

Policy Advocacy

USCAN members routinely work together to develop joint policy recommendations and advocacy strategies at the state, federal, and international levels. USCAN coordination efforts are essential to ensure comprehensive and effective coverage of the issues. USCAN works hard to keep its members across the US up to date on critical policy developments at different levels of the debate. A number of policy/forum specific working groups of USCAN members are convened regularly to allow for focused strategy development among interested members.

USCAN’s mission is to support and strengthen US-based civil society organizations’ influence on the development and implementation of local, national, and international climate policy and action.

Campaign Coordination

USCAN regularly aggregates and shares information on significant campaign and communication opportunities (eg: IPCC reports, major international climate summits, national days of action). The network offers a one-stop shop to gather information, identify partners, tap into existing issue campaigns, and seize opportunities for coordinated and collective actions. By leveraging the skills and resources of its members, USCAN is able to bolster media and outreach efforts and promote consistent messaging. Working groups of member organizations are developed as needed to address specific campaigns and events.

Information Clearinghouse on Climate Change Advocacy in the US

USCAN has and is continuing to develop a centralized information database to allow members quick access to important fact sheets, policies, schedules, and other information. By using the USCAN website as an information clearinghouse, USCAN members have a consolidated view of important information regarding our work on climate change. E-mail list serves provide a further important mechanism for sharing information among USCAN members.

Building Permanent Relationships and Organizational Trust

USCAN provides the connective tissue that increases the collective impact of the climate community.  We foster strong, lasting relationships among groups working at the local, national, and international levels. USCAN strives to build consensus among our members on goals and strategies, recognizing the diversity of priorities and approaches that span the network. Working together, USCAN members become part of a larger, more diverse, and more powerful movement.

Amplifying the Impact of the Network

USCAN provides platforms for sharing, documenting, and publicizing success stories. Whether internally through the network’s established list serves and/or publicly through social media feeds, USCAN strives to share the results of member work beyond what can be achieved independently.

Access to Key Tools and Services

USCAN has and continues to develop a key set of tools designed to increase the effectiveness of its members, which are available only to members of the network. Tools available include:

  • List Serves: E-mail list serves are one of the central tools that USCAN members use to engage in strategy discussion and information exchange. These list serves cover a variety of topics and connect members with colleagues working on climate issues throughout the country and around the world.
  • Member-only Website: USCAN has a password-protected web-based tool to facilitate collaboration among its growing membership. Members will be able to post and view members-only documents, calendars, and other resources by logging in to the site. Future tools are under development to facilitate collaboration across all USCAN members.
  • Regular Updates: To help its members keep on top of the dizzying number of climate developments at the federal, state, and international levels, USCAN hosts regular conference calls, webinars, and in-person briefings. These briefings help members stay up-to-date and share opportunities at key moments, with particular attention paid to changes in federal legislation, news from state-based advocates, and key international developments.

Inclusion in Climate Action Network-International

All members of USCAN are also members of the Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I), a network of over 850 organizations around the world. CAN-I closely follows a number of international climate-related processes, producing joint policy submissions to the United Nations (UN), collaborating on actions and participation as observers to various negotiations, and facilitating information sharing to enable effective advocacy. CAN-I also holds a variety of activities open to USCAN members around the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process.

Election of USCAN Board of Directors

All USCAN members have an important role in the election of the USCAN Board of Directors. This board works to set strategic priorities for the network and ensure that USCAN is serving its members most effectively. Election of this board is thus an essential role of all USCAN members.

Associate Member Policy

Following the CAN charter, USCAN now has an associate (or “observer”) member category. Click here for more details. This is just a brief glimpse of the many benefits USCAN membership offers. We are always looking for new ways to support our members and encourage you to offer suggestions on new areas where we could expand our work.

How to Join

For more information on membership benefits and eligibility to become a member of USCAN, please refer to our membership information sheet. To apply, please fill out the USCAN application and email your response to Devin Costa at

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