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Shell Not Willing to Quit Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Disagreement

Posted by sbopp at October 19, 2009 01:00 PM |

Last week, the DC Action Factory, a group of young people eager for a fair and just global climate treaty, confronted Royal Dutch Shell at the National Press Club’s luncheon to get answers about the company’s position on climate change.

To contact the US Chamber of Commerce:
US Chamber Press Office

Phone: 202-463-5682, 888-249-NEWS

The question for Shell Chairman Jorma Ollila was whether Shell would continue to pay dues to the US Chamber of Commerce, which has recently come under fire and had several high profile departures over its obstructionist stance toward climate change regulations. Shell also belongs to USCAP, a group of businesses that seek market-based carbon regulations, including cap and trade – positions that depart widely from those held by the Chamber. So where does Shell really stand?

Ollila’s response was that although Shell disagreed with the Chamber’s position on climate legislation, the company wouldn’t quit the Chamber because of it. He would not elaborate on his thoughts on Shell’s Chamber dues being used to lobby Congress to vote against clean energy legislation.

This week, DC Action Factories announced a phone/email jam of the Chamber to demand they change their position on climate change legislation and regulation.

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