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Recent Findings

Global Warming Poll Results: Dec 21, 2009
Poll results from Benenson Strategy Group conducted from December 12-15, 2009, with 1,000 registered voters. Found 67% of respondents believe global warming is happening, and 82% support the the U.S. increasing investment in clean energy sources.
WashPost-ABC Poll Finds Find Strong Support for Global Warming Reductions Despite Relentless Big Oil and Anti-Science Attacks
Blog post from Climate Progress summarizing the energy and climate findings of a December 10-13, 2008 poll from Washington Post and ABC News. Found 65% of respondent think the government should regulate release of greenhouse gases, and respondents agreed with this even if it resulted in increases to their energy bill.
Top-Emitting Countries Differ on Climate Change Threat
Poll results from a Gallup study conducted from 2007 to 2008 of respondents in 128 countries. Found 61% of the world's adult population are aware of global warming and 41% are aware and perceive global warming as a threat.
CNN Poll on Belief in Climate Science, Action
Poll results from CNN poll conducted December 2-3, 2009, finding 68% of respondents believe global warming is a proven fact, and 75% believe the U.S. should reduce emissions.
Drop in Those Who Believe Global Warming is Coming
Poll results from survey conducted by Harris Interactive from November 2-11, 2009. Found that only 51% of respondents believe the release of carbon dioxide and other gases will lead to global warming, down from 71% two years ago. This figure is particularly polarized, with only 28% of Republicans believing in global warming, versus 73% for Democrats.
Poll Shows Support for Emissions Cap, Renewables in Swing States
News article from E&E News summarizing a series of polls in three Midwestern states and five swing congressional districts. The polls find that in all cases, at least 60% of respondents supported plans for setting emissions caps and requiring increased renewable energy production.
CNN Poll: 6 in 10 Back 'Cap-and-Trade'
Poll results from survey conducted October 16-18, 2009 by CNN. Finds that 60% of respondents would favor a generic cap-and-trade proposal to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
What Does the Public Know
Results of the Pew Research Center October 2009 News IQ Quiz. Shows that only 23% of respondents could identify cap and trade as related to energy policy.
National Poll Shows More Than Nine Out of 10 Americans Want Solar Now
Press release on the results of the 2009 SCHOTT Solar Barometer TM poll from October 2009. Reports on the positive attitudes Americans have toward solar power.
Youth Poll Results
Methodology and key findings of Beneson Strategy Group polling conducted for Clean Energy Works on American youth opinions toward clean energy and climate issues.
Poll Results: Support of ACES
Summary of poll results from Benenson Strategy Group. Polled 821 registered voters in 16 battleground states in August 2009. Found 63% of respondents support ACES and 60% would be more likely to re-elect their Senator if they vote in favor of ACES.
Majority Favors Clean Energy Bill and Wants Senate to Take Action
Polling data released by Zogby in August 2009. Finds that 71% of likely voters support ACES.
Voters Continue to Support Congress' Energy and Global Warming Plan and Prefer Stronger Standards Over Weaker Ones
Poll conducted for Pew Environment Group in June 2009 of like 2010 general election voters. Finds majority of respondents favor reducing emissions and support the energy plans being considered in Congress.
Global Warming's Six Americas 2009: An Audience Segmentation Analysis
A report from Yale and George Mason Universities that introduces and profiles "Six Americas," audiences that respond to the issue of global warming in six unique ways.
Key Findings from a National Survey on Public Attitudes Toward Climate and Energy Legislation
A memorandum on a poll conducted for National Wildlife Federation that shows American voters support a multi-pronged approach to reshaping energy policy.
NWF: Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Action Now on Clean Energy and Reducing Global Warming
Statement released by National Wildlife Federation on a poll that shows Americans strongly support legislative action to cap global warming pollution and invest in clean energy.
Public Supports Greenhouse Gas Proposals
See page 17 of this Wall Street Journal/MSNBC poll that asks respondents if they approve of proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Hart Research Associates Indiana Poll on Renewable Electricity Standard
Thissurvey among a representative statewide sample of 603 Indiana voters shows broad and committed support for a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES).
NPR Poll: More Voters Think U.S. Is On Right Track
Zogby Poll: 58% Support President Obama's Push for Climate Change Action
Gallup Poll on Global Warming in Media
Voters Want Renewable Energy, Not Drilling
Center for American Progress analysis of a September 2008 Quinnipiac University poll of voters in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
Poll: Gas Prices Gaining as American's Biggest Worry
A series of August 2008 national polls by Quinnipiac University. Also includes offshore drilling, energy crisis and the economy.
World Publics Strongly Favor Requiring More Wind and Solar Energy, More Efficiency, Even If It Increases Costs
A November 2008 poll of 21 nations finds very strong support for the government requiring utilities to use more alternative energy, such as wind and solar, and requiring businesses to use energy more efficiently, even if these steps increase the costs of energy and other products. Fewer than half of the nations polled favor putting more emphasis on nuclear energy or on coal or oil.
Pew: Economy Tops Public’s Concerns in Poll
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