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June 08, 2012

Recently Uploaded Resources

Sierra Club Activists Voice Support for Senate Economic Recovery Bill
The Sierra Club today continued to urge the Senate to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act because it makes an important down payment on solutions that will transform America's economy, lead to a clean energy future and invest in training the next generation of workers.
Grassroots letter urging Obama to start oil & gas methane rulemaking
This sign on letter to President Obama states that the organizations strongly support all meaningful efforts to curb air pollution from oil and gas development. They highlight the importance of curbing methane pollution and in leaving fossil fuels in the ground. Signed by numerous USCAN member organizations.
Memo to President Cites New Evidence of Climate Impacts of Proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
This memo by Oil Change International, Natural Resources Defense Council, CREDO, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club,, and Bold Nebraska focuses on why the Keystone XL pipeline is not a good national decision based on cost and experience.
Waste Not: Common Sense Ways to Reduce Methane Pollution from the Oil and Natural Gas Industry
This report concludes that the the oil and gas industry is the nation’s largest industrial source of methane and that the EPA could reduce the nation's methane emissions in half in only a few years. The report then examines opportunities for the EPA to curb methane pollution and provides costs and benefits of these actions.
Letter: EPA Must Protect Communities Against Toxic Air Pollution from Oil Refineries   By Setting Enforceable Limits on Emissions to Safeguard Public Health  
This letter, signed by numerous environmental organizations, supports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to strengthen refinery air toxics emission limits and monitor requirements to protect public health.  The signers believe that the EPA must reduce emissions of toxic chemicals and in the letter they explain how the EPA can strengthen the proposal and what issues should be addressed.
Sierra Club: Draft Clean Energy Bill Offers Strong Start for Green Economy
Press release on how draft climate and energy bill will revitalize economy, create new green jobs, and move America towards energy independence. Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope states that the bill has the necessary policies and vision to pull us out of the current economic crisis and combat climate change.
Environmental Community Letter to Appropriations Full and Subcommittee Staff
The letter spoke on behalf of a diverse community of environmental, conservation, recreation and historic preservation organizations, to encourage the Committee on Appropriations to pass a spending bill for the remainder of fiscal year 2015 that was free of policy riders that put polluting interests ahead of air, water, lands, wildlife, public health and climate. They also urged that the bill would provide needed investments to promote a healthy environment, to support clean energy innovation, and to improve our health.
New Obama Administration Draft Report Highlights Risks of Arctic Ocean Drilling
Numerous environmental organizations - including the Center for Biological Diversity, Greenpeace, the Natural Resource Defense Council, Earthjustice, and the Sierra Club - signed a letter to President Obama opposing a new draft analysis of the effects of oil and gas leasing in the Chukchi Sea, part of America’s Arctic Ocean. The EIS that demonstrates how risky it would be to allow drilling in this remote, irreplaceable and climate-stressed region, and these groups oppose the potential decision to drill.
Failing to Solve Energy Poverty
This research graded the energy portfolios of four major Multilateral Development Banks—the World Bank Group, Inter-American Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and African Development Bank—to evaluate their performance against the recommendations of the International Energy Agency's 2030 energy access goals. The research findings suggest that current bank investment policies do not focus on energy investment to the poor.
EPA Fails to Protect Clean Air, Exempts Navajo Generating Station Coal Plant from Safeguards, Sierra Club Press Release, 7.29.14
lean air and Grand Canyon advocates today blasted a decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that will threaten air quality in the Grand Canyon region by allowing one of the nation’s oldest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants to continue polluting for decades.
Eleven Environmental Organizations Call on Senators to Reject Sen Manchin’s Export-Import Bank Reauthorization
This letter from eleven environmental organizations urges Senators to oppose the Export-Import Bank reauthorization that would extend fossil fuel financing and end existing restrictions on new coal plant finance.
Clean Energy Services for All: Financing Universal Electrification
In this report, Sierra Club proposes a new approach to end energy poverty that is founded on a clean energy model of delivery. The report states, "we believe this approach- Clean Energy Services for All- represents the cheapest, most effiective means of delivering on energy access goals, and we urge public and private financiers to align investment priorities accordingly."
Big Fuel Savings Available in New Trucks
This fact sheet from American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Natural Resources Defense Council outlines how strong federal fuel efficiency standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks can improve our energy security and cut heat-trapping emissions while saving money for truckers and fleets.
Carbon Pollution: A Threat to Our Health and Future, Sierra Club Factsheet
This is a fact sheet from Sierra Club highlighting the health impacts of carbon pollution.
Sierra Club Statement on the Release of the National Climate Assessment
This is a statement by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune on the release of the 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment.
Sierra Club National Survey on Coal, Climate, and Carbon Pollution
Coalition of Clean Air Groups Says New IPCC Report a "Call to Action" for Carbon Pollution Standards
This is a statement posted on that calls for action on carbon pollution standards and other essential pollution reductions, following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2014 Report. The statement is signed by the Center for American Progress, Earthjustice, Environment America, Environmental Defense Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club.
Letter to Senate Appropriators for Increased Climate Change Investments for Fiscal Year 2015
This resource is a letter to Senators Leahy and Graham, members of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, urging robust financial support for international climate assistance in fiscal year 2015 appropriations.
Letter to Representatives in Opposition of the Whitfield/Manchin Bill (HR 3826)
This resource is a sign-on letter to U.S. House of Representatives in Opposition of H.R. 3826. The letter is signed by 111 organizations.
FY15 Environmental Community 302b Allocation Letter
This letter is from 34 environmental, conservation, recreation, and historic preservation organizations and written to Chairwoman Mikulski, Chairman Rogers, and Ranking Members Shelby and Lowey. The letter requests adequate funding for the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies for FY15, and serves as a thank you for the funding allocated for FY14. "We urge Congress to reconsider the Budget Control Act to address this threat (the sequester), which would be deeply damaging to environmental programs and substantially set back the recent progress in beginning to recover from years of underfunding."
Oppose the Whitfield-Manchin Draft Legislation
This letter on behalf of 79 organizations urges Congress to oppose Congressman Whitfield and Senator Manchin's Poluter Protection Act because it would allow power plants to continue dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air, contributing to climate change, health risk, community risk, and extreme weather events.
NGO Letter to Administrator McCarthy on"Tier 3" Clean Vehicle and Fuel Standards
This letter aupplauds the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for proposing strong "Tier 3" clean vehicle and fuel standards and urges them to finalize these standards as soon as possible.
Treading Water: How States Can Minimize the Impact of Power Plants on Aquatic Life
This report from the Sierra Club, Riverkeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, River Network, and GRACE Communications Foundation discusses EPA's recent water pollution regulation for colling water intake structures at existing power plants.
Oppose Whitfield, Manchin Attack on Nation's Health: House
This letter urges Representatives to oppose the discussion draft being led by Congressman Whitfield and Senator Manchin that would effectively block any chance of limiting carbon pollution from power plants.
Oppose Whitfield, Manchin Attack on Nation's Health: Senate
This letter urges Senators to oppose the discussion draft being led by Congressman Whitfield and Senator Manchin that would effectively block any chance of limiting carbon pollution from power plants.
Environmental Community Opposes the Piecemeal Funding of Select Government Programs
This letter sent by organizations in the environmental community condemns the piecemeal funding of select government programs during the shutdown and urges members of Congress to open the government.
Environmental Community Opposes Damaging Environmental Riders to Debt Bill Sign-on Letter
This letter from various environmental groups expresses strong opposition tod amaing environmetnal policy riders being attached to legislation on the debt ceiling.
Shaheen-Portman KXL Amendment Sign-on Letter
This letter, signed by close to 30 organizations, shows civil society support for Senators to oppose any amendment to the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (S. 1392) that would deem the Keystone XL Pipeline in the national interest.
National Park Air Quality at Risk
This fact sheet provides ifnormation related to EPA's role in protecting against regional haze and why the Enzi amendment (#1903) trying to strip EPA's regulatory powers. This amendment is for the Shaheen-Portman energy efficiency bill (S. 1392).
Oppose the "Social Cost of Carbon" Amendment to S. 1392
This joint sign-on letter outlines why Senators should oppose any amendment offered to S. 1392 that would block the use of the "Social Cost of Carbon" (SCC), as it would allow lawmakers to turn a blind eye to the devastating impacts of climate change.
Keystone XL is a Climate Disaster
This fact sheet describes why the president should reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing that it would increase emissions, expand tar sands production, and would exacerbate climate change.
Fail: How the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Flunks the Climate Test
This report looks at how the emissions from the Keystone XL Pipeline would influence global greenhouse gas emissions, the upstream issues of the pipeline, and the climate implications of expanding tar sands production in general.
Oppose the Culberson and Murphy Amendments to HR 1582
This letter urges the members of the House to reject two amenments proposed with HR 1582 that would deny the impacts and cost of climate change by undermining the Social Cost of Carbon.
Protect Our Air and Water-Oppose HR 367, the REINS Act
This letter from the Sierra Club outlines the reasons that the REINS Act (HR 367) should be opposed by the House because if passed, it would harm American's health and well-being.
HR 1582 Blocks Public Health Protections Community Letter
A joint sign on letter from various environmental groups asking that senators oppose HR 1582 because it would eliminate federal responsibility to protect public health and safety and grant the Department of Energy power to veto many Environmental Protection Agency standards
Community Shaheen-Portman Support Letter
Joint sign on letter from various environmental groups asking that senators not vote for unrelated or controversial ammendments (which have been proposed) that attack the President's Climate Plan, promote dirty energy suorces, undermine existing energy efficiency tools, or set back carbon pollution reductions counter to the goals of the bill,.
Joint Statement: President Obama Outlines Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution from Power Plants and Address Climate Change
On Tuesday, June 25,2013, leaders from several top civic, progressive, environmental and public health organizations released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s plan of action to address climate change.
Coalition letter re: International Air Transportation Association emissions reduction efforts
This letter from a coalition of environmental groups urges the International Air Transportation Association to adopt the strongest possible industry standards and regulations to curb greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft
Letter to Senate re: EPA funding
This letter is from a coalition of environmental organizations to Sen. Mikulski, Reed, Shelby, and Murkowski urges them to support and vote for full funding for the EPA and outlines the positive impacts that EPA regulations have and how these efforts are undermined by budget cuts
Coalition delivers 72,000 petitions to NBC, ABC, CBS demanding more climate change coverage
This press release announces the delivery of petition signatures to the three major news networks demanding that they dedicate more time to covering climate change stories and issues in light of a Media Matters for America study that showed climate change coverage to be lacking in mainstream news
Sierra Club Statement on Yet Another House Vote on Keystone XL
This statement from Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune expresses the organizations disappointment with the House of Representatives for voting in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline
Letter to Sen. Shaheen & Portman re: Section 433 of S. 761
This letter from a coalition of organizations urges Senators Shaheen and Portman to reject an amendment to their energy efficiency bill that would repeal key requirements for federal building energy efficiency standards
Comments Concerning the Proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership; Federal Register Docket USTR- USTR-2013-0019
These comments, submitted to the US Trade Representative, lay out the Sierra Club's positions on issues relating to the 'non-tariff barrier' reforms under consideration in the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Letter opposing H.R. 271
This letter states the position of the sign-on organizations that HR 271, the Resolving Environmental and Grid Reliability Conflicts Act of 2013, is too broad in its scoop, ignores already-existing legal mechanisms and will create harmful outcomes.
20 Winners of Prestigious Heinz and Goldman Awards Sign Joint Letter
This blog post includes a letter, signed by 20 winners of the prestigious Heinz and Goldman environmental prizes, urges Secretary of State Kerry to asking him to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
Sierra Club Statement on Failure of Any Republicans to Attend Gina McCarthys Confirmation Hearing
This press release from the Sierra Club expresses their disappointment with Republican Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee for boycotting the confirmation vote for Gina McCarthy to head the EPA.
Letter to State Department reguarding presidential permit for Northeast tar sands pipeline
This coalition letter to the State Department Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) asks that they not grant a request from Portland Pipe Line Corporation to use one of its pipelines to transport tar sands oil.
EPA Coal Plant Water Pollution Standards
This one-pager provides a brief overview of the hazards of toxic power plant water discharges and efforts by the EPA to increases regulation of this type of pollution
Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Nominated for Transportation Secretary
This press release expresses the Sierra Club's support for President Obama's nomination of Anthony Foxx for Transportation Secretary; emphasizing his commitment to public mass transit
Extreme Investments: US Banks and the Coal Industry Coal Finnance Report Card 2013
This report analysis the largest US banking institutions based on how much they invest in coal-related industries, including mining, utilities, transportation, and export.
EPA Issues Blow to State Department's Review of Keystone XL
A blog post detailing the recommendations made by the EPA to the State Department regarding their flawed Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Keystone XL pipeline.
Letter opposing Terry bill (H.R. 3) on Keystone XL
A form letter from a coalition of organizations to Congressional representatives urging them to vote against a measure that would grant approval to the Keystone XL pipeline without any decision from the Executive agencies.
Letter to Sec. Jewell on Powder River Basin coal leasing
A letter to the newly appointed Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, encouraging her to place an immediate moratorium on new coal leasing in the Powder River Basin and to conduct a comprehensive review of the federal coal leasing program.
Keystone XL SEIS Comment Period Extension Letter
A letter from a coalition of groups requesting a comment period extension for the draft supplemental environmental impact statement for Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
Coalition Letter in support of Gina McCarthy for EPA Administrator, 4.10.2013
On behalf of our millions of members and supporters, we write to strongly support President Obama's Nomination of Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy to head the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ms. McCarthy has a solid, bipartisan record of successfully working to protect our air and water. We believe that she is execptionally well-qualified to fill this critical position.
Cross-State Air Rule Writ of Certiorari Petition
U.S. EPA and environmental groups today will ask the Supreme Court to review a federal court's ruling from last year that tossed out the agency's rule for air pollution that drifts across state lines. In a petition filed this morning for writ of certiorari, the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and the Clean Air Council asked the Supreme Court to reconsider the case.
EPA Updates Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for New Power Plants
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued updates to pollution limits for new power plants under the mercury and air toxics standards, based on new information and analysis that became available to the agency after the rule was finalized.
Sierra Club Letter on Senate Budget
On behalf of the Sierra Club’s 2.1 million members, this letter urges Senators to support Senator Patty Murray’s (D-WA) budget blueprint that puts forward strong funding levels to support federal government operations while protecting our health and environment. It also urges Senators to oppose any efforts to attach anti- environmental riders.
Obama EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy an Excellent Choice
Today, a coalition of national organizations that support federal clean air and climate change safeguards announced their support for Gina McCarthy, President Obama’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Federal Court Rules in Favor of Clean Air
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit released a ruling requiring the US Environmental Protection Agency to implement stronger requirements to clean up particulate matter, also known as "soot," one of the deadliest forms of air pollution.
Sierra Club Statement on Confirmation of John Kerry as Secretary of State
The U.S. Senate voted 94-3 to confirm U.S. Senator John Kerry as the next Secretary of State. Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement in response.
Sierra Club Statement on New Bicameral Climate Task Force
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joined Representative Henry Waxman to announce a new bicameral task force to fight climate disruption. In response, Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, issued the following statement.
Secretary Kerry's Solar Surge
With Senator Kerry's nomination for Secretary of State, President Obama has a unique opportunity to make good on this rhetoric by leading a solar surge.
Sierra Club Statement on Nebraska Gov Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline Route
Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman approved a new route through the state for the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. In response, Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director, released the following statement.
Letter from 69 Groups to Obama on Key Climate Actions
69 environmental, civic, labor and healthcare groups signed this letter calling for President Obama to take three specific climate actions: 1) Raise his voice; 2) Use his executive authority under the Clean Air Act; and 3) Reject dirty fuels.
Get Ready! The Draft National Climate Assessment Report Available for Public Review
The National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC) reached consensus to release its draft National Climate assessment, a major report on the impacts of climate disruption on the United States. The report fulfills the requirements of the Global Change Research Act of 1990, which says an assessment of climate disruption must be provided to the President and Congress every four years.
State Department to Review Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion
The State Department finds itself in the uncomfortable position of being the lead permitting agency for the tar sands pipeline projects that would bring dangerous Canadian bitumen into the U.S.
Climate Change: Obama's FDR Moment
2012 was a historic year for climate disasters. Between a devastating drought, raging wildfires and the superstorm Hurricane Sandy, millions of Americans saw the very real toll that climate disruption is having on our country. But it's not just extreme weather events - according to data from NOAA, 2012 is on track to be the hottest year ever for the contiguous United States.
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Jackson to Step Down
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson announced that she will be stepping down from her role after the State of the Union address.
Sierra Club Applauds Inclusion of Wind Production Tax Credit in Fiscal Deal
After several weeks of budget negotiations, Congress passed legislation that will extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for wind energy for one year. The extension of the wind tax credit, as well as changes to the eligibility requirements, will allow the wind industry to resume its strong growth and hire back many of the workers who were laid off in the past year.
Tennessee Valley Authority to Be Sued Over Plans to Close Endangered Species Breeding Facility to Make Room for Coal Equipment, Waste
A coalition of environmental groups today filed a formal notice of intent to sue the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for forcing the closure of a rearing facility for endangered fish and mussels at the Gallatin Fossil Plant for a controversial construction project. The Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, Tennessee Environmental Council and Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association jointly filed the notice under the Endangered Species Act.
President to Nominate John Kerry as Secretary of State
President Obama is expected to nominate Senator John Kerry to be the next U.S. Secretary of State. In response, Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, issued the following statement.
Look Before the LNG Leap: Why Policymakers and the Public Need Fair Disclosure Before Exports of Fracked Gas Start
The bottom line is that before committing to massive gas exports, federal decision makers need to ensure that they, and the public, have the environmental information they need to make a fair decision, and the authority to do so.
Patriot Coal Commits to End its Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia
Patriot Coal Corporation announced its intention to immediately begin phasing out all large scale surface mining in Appalachia. The announcement follows an historic agreement with the Sierra Club, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, and the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.
NGO Opposition Letter to Thune Aviation Bill
NGO opposition to the Thune aviation bill (S.1956) in the House of Representatives.This bill would set a disturbing precedent by undermining the international rule of law. It would authorize the Secretary of Transportation to prohibit an operator of a civil aircraft of the United States from complying with this European aviation law.
45,000 Americans and Canadians Lend Support to President Obama: We Must Get New Energy Economy Right - Tar Sands Too Dirty
Today, February 18, 2009, an international network of environmental groups announced that there has been overwhelming response to a cross-border campaign urging President Barack Obama to keep moving forward on his new energy economy agenda and say "no" to the tar sands, the dirtiest, most energy-intensive source of oil on the planet.
Letter in Opposition to H.R. 6213, the No More Solyndras Act
On behalf of our members and activists across the country we are writing to express our strong opposition to H.R. 6213, the No More Solyndras Act, which is scheduled for the floor Friday, September 14, 2012. H.R. 6213 would do nothing to protect U.S. taxpayers from underwriting the numerous high-risk, capital-intensive fossil and nuclear energy projects already in line to receive billions of dollars in federal financial support through the Title XVII DOE Energy Loan Guarantee Program.
US House Wages War on Public Health
The House of Representatives passed a set of reckless and radical bills that would endanger millions of Americans around the country. Deceptively dubbed by Republicans as the “Stop the War on Coal Act,” the package of rules in fact declares a war on public health that threatens Americans’ lives and safety by rolling back critical laws and safeguards that hold polluters accountable and ensure Americans have access to clean air and drinkable water.
Tar Sands Tax Loophole Fact Sheet
IRS Loophole exempts tar sands transporters from paying into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. This fact sheet provides more details and suggestions for how this loophole could be overturned.
Letter Opposing H.R. 6172
H.R. 6172 would rewrite the Clean Air Act and indefinitely block action to clean up America’s largest source of carbon pollution. Congress must reject this latest attempt to keep EPA from doing its job to protect public health and our children’s future. Read this group sign-on letter to learn more.
Oppose HR 3409 Sign-on Letter
On behalf of our millions of members and activists, we urge you to reject H.R. 3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012. This bill purports to address coal, but in fact takes aim at a staggering array of basic laws that keep the American public safe; it fundamentally weakens the Clean Air Act and eviscerates the protections of the Clean Water Act.
Clean Energy Under Siege: Following the Money Trail Behind the Attack on Renewable Energy
A new report released by the Sierra Club reveals how the fossil fuel industry is using tactics such as financial contributions to political campaigns, faux “think tanks,” phony intellectuals, and astroturf groups to shift public opinion and discredit renewable energy.
Letter Opposing Olsen Bill HR 4273
H.R. 4273 takes the unprecedented step of authorizing total civil and criminal amnesty from all federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations for electric power producers under special orders from the Department of Energy.
Nearly 90 Percent of Latino Voters Support Clean Energy
The Sierra Club and NCLR (National Council of La Raza) announced a new national survey today, finding that nearly 90 percent of Latino voters favor clean energy over fossil fuels. The national poll surveyed 1,131 Latino registered voters across the country on a number of public health, environmental and energy issues, and found overwhelming support for clean energy innovation, protecting public lands and parks and cleaning up toxic pollution.
Clean Air Act Forums Joint Letter to Chairman Whitfield
Public health and environmental organizations requested, in a letter, that any policy or legislation emerging from the Clean Air Act forums, announced for the Subcommittee on Energy and Power forums, will clean the air more and faster than current law. They asked Chairman Whitfield and subcommittee members to commit to making air quality and public health better, not worse than the status quo.
Sierra Club and Allies File Motion to Intervene on Polluters' Legal Attack on Life-saving Carbon Pollution Standards
Sierra Club, together with allied environmental groups, filed a motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit brought by polluters against life-saving carbon pollution protections for new power plants.
Locked-in:The Financial Risks of New Coal-fired Power Plants in Today's Volatile International Coal Market
Coal "lock-in," rather than rational investments in coal power, is one of the largest global threats today. This lock-in results from high capital costs and long asset lifespans associated with coal-fired power plant investments. Over the past six years due to large scale public opposition, mounting costs, and dramatic changes in the energy market, an irrational coal lock-in was successfully averted in the US and the EU. However, excessive coal reliance is now becoming a serious economic, as well as long-term environmental and public health threat, to China, India, and other parts of the developing world.
House Transportation Negotiators: Steamroll Public Input, Cut Funds for Biking and Walking, Then We'll Talk
Next Saturday, June 30, the law funding our nation's roads, bridges and transit systems will expire unless Congress acts. As time expires, House Republicans are holding the transportation bill hostage and demanding that the Senate rollback core transportation provisions and tack on unrelated polluter priorities, such as permitting the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. At stake are 2.9 million American jobs and much needed certainty for investing in our nation's transportation system.
More Than Two Million Comments Delivered In Support of EPA's Carbon Pollution Standards
On Tuesday morning, Sierra Club and a coalition of our allies delivered more than 2.1 million comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of their recently proposed carbon pollution standards for power plants. These historic standards, which would set the first-ever, national limits on the amount of dangerous carbon dioxide a power plant can emit into our air, are a significant step forward in our efforts to protect public health and confront climate disruption.
D.C. Court of Appeals Upholds Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Standards
Today, in a sweeping victory for public health and clean air, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued decisions in four challenges to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) historic climate and clean air protections. The Sierra Club rallied tens of thousands of people across the country to support the standards, and the Sierra Club legal team joined our allies in a landmark legal defense of the protections, when they were challenged.
Sierra Club Response to House GOP’s “Oil Above All” Plan
Today, House Republicans passed their so-called “energy plan,” another in a long series of attempts to gut the country’s clean air and water safeguards, eviscerate critical environmental review laws, and turn over American public lands and billions in tax giveaways to Big Oil companies.
Senate Rejects Coal Industry-Backed Attack on Mercury Protections
The Sierra Club applauds the U.S. Senate’s sound rejection of Sen. Inhofe’s latest polluter-backed ploy to put the health and safety of American children and families at risk. Because of the Senate’s decisive action today, the EPA will be able to move forward to protect hundreds of thousands of children from this potent brain poison that is linked to severe learning disabilities, deafness, blindness, cerebral palsy and other life-threatening illnesses. Our children will have healthier lives and brighter futures for it.
Sierra Club Letter Opposing H.R. 4480, the “Domestic Energy and Jobs Act”
The Sierra Club strongly urges representatives to oppose H.R. 4480, the “Domestic Energy and Jobs Act.” This massive package of giveaways to the oil and fossil fuel industries puts corporate profits above the public health and resources of our country in a dangerous and unprecedented fashion. This legislation would keep America shackled to the pump, deepen our dependence on oil and move the country further away from much-needed solutions, like smarter transportation options, which would truly help end our vulnerability to high gas prices.
Sierra Club Applauds EPA’s Life-Saving Soot Protections
Sierra Club issued a press release in reaction to the Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to update standards for the amount of industrial particle pollution, or soot, in the air. "The Sierra Club applauds the Environmental Protection Agency for issuing these life-saving clean air standards to protect Americans from life-threatening air pollution. Pollution kills - and it also costs Americans billions of dollars each year. The EPA’s soot safeguards will keep dangerous metals and chemicals out of the air we breathe to save thousands of lives and billions of dollars."
Transportation Bill Conference Letter
Thank you for your vote on SA 1660
Thank you letter for vote against S.A. 1660, Senator Collins’s amendment to the transportation funding package. This amendment would have blocked soon-to-be finalized EPA standards that will clean up toxic air pollution, including mercury, from industrial boilers.
54.5 MPG by 2025 Fact Sheet
In November 2011, the Obama administration proposed vehicle efficiency and carbon pollution standards for vehicles sold from 2017-2025 that will improve the average efficiency of new vehicles to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.
Email Template: Clean Cars Action Alert
Tell the Obama administration to enact strong fuel-efficiency standards!
Oppose H.R. 10 (The REINS Act) Don't Block Government's Ability to Protect Communities Against Air and Water Pollution, Sierra Club Letter 12.07.11
On behalf of our 1.4 million members, activists and supporters, I urge you to oppose H.R. 10, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny or "REINS" Act. This radical, undemocratic legislation would hamstring our government's ability to protect us from harm, including dangerous air and water pollution.
Oppose H.R. 1633, Sierra Club Letter 12.06.11
I urge you to vote against H.R. 1633. This bill purports to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating farm dust, although the EPA has said that it has no intention of regulating farm dust. Instead, the bill exempts major sources of industrial pollution from the Clean Air Act's controls on health-damaging particulate pollution.
Letter to Administrator Sunstein, Support EPA Utility Air Toxics Rule, Sierra Club Letter 11.30.11
We write in support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) well-founded conclusion that EPA's long-delayed hazardous air pollution standards for power plants (the "Utility Air Toxics" rule) can be implemented without substantial impacts to the reliability of the bulk electric power system.
Sierra Club Rallies for Mercury Awareness Week, Sierra Club Press Release 12.05.11
Dozens of events nationwide, new resources come just ahead of expected mercury protections from the Obama administration Washington, D.C. – The Sierra Club celebrates Mercury Awareness Week December 5-11 as President Obama prepares to issue the first nationwide protections against toxic mercury from coal plants later this month.
Pressure on EU mounts as UNFCCC suspends flawed rules for coal offsetting projects, CDM and Sierra Club Press Release 11.24.11
Durban, South Africa, 24 November. In a crucial move, the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board yesterday suspended coal power offsetting projects because the rules used to calculate emission reductions cause artificial carbon credits. Pressure on the EU is mounting to call for a ban of these projects at the climate change conference starting next week in Durban
Vote NO on H.R. 4201, the TRAIN Act
Keystone XL By The Numbers Fact Sheet
Keystone XL By The Numbers Fact Sheet
Sierra Club Applauds Historic Standards for Heavy Trucks
President’s Announcement is a Key Step to Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil
President Takes Important Step in Moving America Beyond Oil
President Takes Important Step in Moving America Beyond Oil
Dirty Coal Ads
Christie Pulls Out of RGGI
Christie Pulls Out of RGGI
Reducing Air Pollution from Power Plants
Fact sheet discussing the “Power Plant Mercury and Air Toxics Rule”, also known as the “Power Plant MACT Standard” - the health effects of various air toxics, the cost of the status quo, how these standards work, and the need for stronger regulation of power plant air toxins.
How to Prepare Mercury Air Toxics Public Comment
May 24: Chicago, Ill. May 24: Philadelphia, Pa. May 26: Atlanta, Ga.
SC: Global Warming Pollution Threatens Public Health and Welfare
Press Release from the Sierra Club in response to the EPA's announcement on Friday, April 17 that it considers carbon pollution to be a threat to America's public health and welfare.
Details on Proposed Mercury and Air Toxics Public Hearings
EPA will hold three public hearings on the proposed mercury and air toxics standards signed on March 16, 2011. Details on public hearings can be found in this document.
Action Alert Urge Your Member of Congress to Protect Communities from Toxic Mercury
Big polluters and their friends in Congress have repeatedly attacked the Environmental Protection Agency for its efforts to keep communities safe from mercury and other toxic pollutants emitted into the air by dirty coal plants. Ask your Congressional representative to join with other public health and environmental champions and stand up to the coal industry and other big polluters by signing the Capps-Schakowsky letter to the EPA in support of strong mercury and air toxics safeguards!
Sierra Club Applauds Historic House Vote on Comprehensive Clean Energy Plan
Sierra Club reacts of the passage of the American Clean Energy & Security Act through the House Energy & Commerce Committee on May 21, 2009.
Sierra Club Calls on President Obama to Stand Up to Big Polluters and House Leadership
Mercury is Toxic: Coal Plants Emit Mercury Pollution
Fact sheet from the Sierra Club discussing mercury's relationship to power plants, its effects on the human health, our drinking water, and the need for strong mercury regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Sample Action Alert and Public Comment on EPA Mercury/Air Toxics Rule
How to submit comments for Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
Air Toxics Safeguard Reducing Hazardous Air Pollution from Power Plants
Air Toxics Safeguard: Reducing Hazardous Air Pollution from Power Plants, Sierra Club Fact Sheet
Template: NSPS Comments
Sierra Club Template NSPS Comments
Clean Air Act Saves Millions of Lives, Trillions of Dollars
Sierra Club Press Release 3.1.11
NSPS Action Alert, Sierra Club 2.28.11
The EPA is moving ahead with carbon pollutions protections - also known as New Source Performance Standards, or NSPS - to limit the amount of carbon big polluters can emit. Tell the EPA you support its efforts to curb global warming pollution today!
Sierra Club Letter in Support of Waxman-Dingell-Rush Letter
Letter from the Sierra Club urging Congressmen to join Congressmen Henry Waxman, John Dingell, and Bobby Rush in signing a letter to Speaker Boehner requesting that Congress uphold and protect the Clean Air Act.
EPA Comment card Texas
Window Label Background: Sierra Club
In September 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced they would revise the design of fuel economy labels for new vehicles – the sticker you see on the window of a new car on the dealer’s lot. As a part of the announcement, EPA and NHTSA proposed two updated options.
EPA Window Label Script & Talking Points: Sierra Club
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) are holding two public hearings regarding their proposed changes to fuel economy window labels on new vehicles. This is an opportunity to show public support for labels that will provide simple, understandable and useful information to consumers regarding the global warming pollution emissions from new passenger cars and trucks.
EPA Window Label Script & Talking Points: Sierra Club
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) are holding two public hearings regarding their proposed changes to fuel economy window labels on new vehicles. This is an opportunity to show public support for labels that will provide simple, understandable and useful information to consumers regarding the global warming pollution emissions from new passenger cars and trucks.
Clean Cars Fact Sheet From Sierra Club & Environment America
Clean Cars Fact Sheet From Sierra Club & Environment America
Sierra Club statement on American Power Act
Sierra Club statement on Deepwater disaster
Sierra Club on Clean Cars Rule
A statement from the Sierra Club on the finalization of the EPA/DOT transportation fuel efficiency standards regulations.
Sierra Club Reacts to Passage of ACES Through House
On June 26, Sierra Club reacts to the passage of the American Clean Energy & Security Act through the House.
Sierra Club: President's Budget Reflects Commitment to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild America
A statement from the Sierra Club on President Obama's FY11 budget proposal.
Sierra Club's Statement on 2010 SOTU
Sierra Club's reaction to Obama's climate policy remarks in the 2010 State of the Union address.
High Road or Low Road? Job Quality in the New Green Economy
This Sierra Club (et. al) report looks at a range of existing green jobs in sectors across the economy, including manufacturing, construction, and waste management, and finds that while policy choices have made some of these green jobs good jobs, the connection is by no means automatic. The report includes tables on job creation in different sectors and states and short case studies in AR, MI, MA, CA, PA, AZ, IA, OR, NJ.
Sierra Club Reacts to Conclusion of Copenhagen Summit
Press release from Sierra Club on December 18, 2009 in reaction to the end of negotiations at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen with statement from Executive Director, Carl Pope.
Sierra Club Applauds Obama for Traveling to Copenhagen
"We applaud President Obama for making this trip. President Obama's attendance at these talks will demonstrate that America is giving this challenge the attention it deserves."
Blue Green Alliance Letter Urging Congress to Pass H.R. 2454
A June 22, 2009 letter from the Blue Green Alliance, a partnership between the United Steelworkers, Laborers' International Union of North America, Sierra Club, Natural Resource Defense Council and others in strong support of passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act.
SC: Hails Obama Plan for Clean Cars
Sierra Club's response to President Obama's announcement on May 19, 2009 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation will establish a uniform federal standard to reduce global warming pollution from cars and light trucks and improve vehicle efficiency.
Sierra Club: House Proposal for Recovery Package Priorities Clean Energy
Sierra Club is encouraged by Congress' proposal today of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which reflects President-Elect Obama's vision of an economic recovery plan that recognizes the vital role of clean energy.
Sierra Club: House Recovery Package Prioritizes Clean Energy
Sierra Club today praised the House of Representatives for passing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 -- a bill that recognizes the vital role clean energy can play in driving economic recovery.
Blue-Green Jobs State-by-State
A series of new Sierra Club (et. al) reports highlighting the economic opportunities that could come from a serious investment in renewable energy. They give a state-by-state, county-by-county snapshot of the potential for tens of thousands of new jobs. States include: AL, AR, FL, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, MO, NJ, NY, NC, SC, TN, WA, WI
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