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The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG)

PO Box 51182
Eugene OR 97405
Eugene, OR 97403



January 22, 2015

The Resource Innovation Group (TRIG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with the Sustainability Institute at Willamette University. TRIG's mission is to address the human causes, impacts, and solutions to complex socio-economic-ecological challenges, with a special emphasis on climate change.

Recently Uploaded Resources

Modernizing Federal Forest Management to Mitigate and Prepare for Climate Disruption
This document offers recommendations on the policies, programs, regulations, and practices that the Departments of Interior and Agriculture and other federal forest management agencies should adopt to meet the goals of President Obama's Clean Action Plan of June 2013, and the requirements of Obama's Executive Order 13653, of November 1, 2013.
Proposal For A Presidential Summit with America's Communities: Engaging Together in Climate Solutions
This position paper put out by The Climate Summit 2013 Coalition and its partners proposes that a bi-partisan, kick-off solutions-focused Presidential climate summit event should be held in early 2013.
Climate Futures Forums: a Model for Engaging Communities in Building Climate Resilience and Reducing Emissions
A Climate Futures Forum (CFF) is a locally based, collaborative process designed to build social resilience, which involves positive social relationships that allow groups to plan together and take mutually beneficial actions that allow them to withstand and bounce back from stresses. By enhancing social resilience, Climate Futures Forums help community members work together to prepare for and build resilience to the likely impacts of climate change within built, economic, cultural and ecological systems.
Letter from 69 Groups to Obama on Key Climate Actions
69 environmental, civic, labor and healthcare groups signed this letter calling for President Obama to take three specific climate actions: 1) Raise his voice; 2) Use his executive authority under the Clean Air Act; and 3) Reject dirty fuels.
A Comprehensive Review of Climate Adaptation in the United States
This article reviews existing and planned climate adaptation responses by the government, nonprofit and private sectors throughout the United States, noting a lack of implementation and evaluation.
Making a Moral Call to Action on Climate Change Slides
Bob Doppelt, Executive Director of the Resource Innovation Group and Coordinator of the National Climate Ethics Campaign presented statements for a joint US Climate Action Network, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change, Climate Access member briefing.
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