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US Climate Action Network US NGO Members’ React to Conclusion of COP 22 Climate Talks
US Policy Experts Preview Upcoming UN Climate Talks Set for Morocco
WASHINGTON, DC – Leading U.S. climate experts and environmental activists heading to Marrakech for the COP 22 climate negotiations participated in a pre-COP telephone briefing on Tuesday, October 25. Participants discussed the role of the United States in the talks, as well as US NGO’s goals and expectations for the first meeting of the parties since the Paris Agreement has entered into force.
US NGO Members React to Paris Climate Agreement Crossing the Threshold Required to Enter it Into Force:
WASHINGTON, DC -- Leading US climate experts and advocates who are part of the US Climate Action Network issued the following statements on the Paris Climate Agreement crossing the threshold required to enter it into force:
Pre-Paris Climate Briefing with U.S. Environmental NGOs
Leading U.S. climate experts and environmental activists heading to Paris for the COP21 climate negotiations will participated in a pre-Paris reporter briefing on Wednesday, November 18. Participants discussed the role of the United States in the talks, as well as U.S. NGO’s goals and expectations for the shape of a global agreement.
U.S. Climate Action Network: Developments from the UN Climate Negotiations in Lima
U.S. Climate Action Network held a press conference on December 9, 2014, covering the latest developments from inside the Lima climate talks, the role of the United States, and reflections on the international climate finance negotiations.
US Climate Action Network Announces Keya Chatterjee as New Executive Director
October 28, 2014--Keya Chatterjee joins USCAN after more than a decade of promoting climate action
US NGOs to Discuss Developments at UN Climate Negotiations
November 20, 2013--Warsaw, Poland. Several US NGOs briefed the media on developments during the UN climate negotiations.
US NGOs Discuss Background on Next Week's UN Climate Negotiations
November 04, 2013—Warsaw, Poland. The US Climate Action Network hosted a teleconference with experts from US civil society to discuss the latest state-of-play, background information, and expectations for the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Warsaw. Recording available.
Press Advisory – Webcast Notice: U.S. Groups to Discuss U.S. Government Role in Doha Climate Talks
November 30, 2012—DOHA, Qatar The U.S. Climate Action Network hosted a media briefing, webcast live, to discuss the US Government’s role thus far in the UN climate change negotiations in Doha.
Press Release – Webcast Notice: U.S. Civil Society Groups to Durban: Don’t Punt
December 7, 2011—DURBAN, South Africa U.S. environmental, civil rights and development organizations urged negotiators at the UN climate talks in Durban use the critical last two days of the conference to ramp up ambitions for moving the world forward in efforts to combat climate change.
Press Teleconference: US NGO Experts Discuss Upcoming Climate Talks in Durban, South Africa (Recording Enclosed)
Press teleconference from November 17, 2011, held ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP) in Durban, South Africa.
Press Teleconference: Investing in Our Future: International Climate Finance in 2010 (Recording Enclosed)
Press teleconference from April 16, 2010 to inform reporters about the significance of two upcoming international meetings, how they are related, and steps nations need to take to improve their outcomes. Conference featured Alden Meyer, Dr. Rick Smith, Joe Mendelson, and Matthew Bramley.
Groups Urge Toronto G20 Agenda Include Climate Action
As environment ministers prepare to gather in Washington, DC April 18-19 and finance ministers do the same April 23, U.S. and Canadian environmental groups called today for President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to make climate change a priority on the G20 agenda in Toronto in June.
Press Teleconference: United States On Board With the Copenhagen Accord
Press teleconference from February 1, 2010, following the United State's association with the Copenhagen Accord and emissions reduction target, as well as other nation's mitigation actions submitted for the January 31 deadline. Alden Meyer, Keya Chatterjee, and David Waskow examine these and other key developments since the Copenhagen climate talks.
Press Teleconference: U.S. NGO Experts To Review 1st Week of Copenhagen Climate Talks, Preview Next (Recording Enclosed)
Press teleconference from December 11, 2009 which explored developments during the first week of COP15 and previewed the next week.
Press Teleconference: U.S. NGO Experts Preview Historic Copenhagen Climate Summit (Recording Enclosed)
Press teleconference from December 2, 2009 which explored the significance of President Obama's greenhouse gas emission target and discussed the state of international climate negotiations heading into the COP 15 Copenhagen Summit, Dec. 7-18.
Press Teleconference on President Obama's Trip to China and Climate Issues (Recording Enclosed)
Press teleconference from November 16, 2009 on President Obama's trip to China and the significance of meetings with Chinese President Hu on climate and clean energy issues, and the implications for negotiations in Copenhagen. Teleconference features Jake Schmidt from NRDC, Julian Wong from Center for American Progress, and Jonathan Adams from WRI.
USCAN Briefing: November’s Marathon of Climate Talks Build Momentum to Copenhagen (recording enclosed)
USCAN Briefing on November's international negotiations, held on November 2, 2009. The teleconference featured Angela Anderson, USCAN and Nick Mabey, E3G
New Orleans Jazz Musicians to Play Before G-20, Draw Attention to Climate Change
Advisory on gala event organized by USCAN, TckTckTck, EDF, LCV and WWF at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, in advance of the G-20 summit and hosted by Teresa Heinz and Senator John Kerry.
G-20, UN Climate Summits Huge Tests for Obama, World
USCAN Pre-G20 Summit Briefing on September 14, 2009 featuring Alden Meyer, Director of Strategy & Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists, Jessy Tolkan, Executive Director, Energy Action Coalition, David Waskow, Climate Change Program Director, Oxfam America, David Doniger, Policy Director, Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council and Joe Mendelson, Global Warming Policy Director, National Wildlife Federation
On the Road to Copenhagen, How Does the G-20 Fit?
Advisory of press conference on the G-20 summit and its role in leading up to the UN nefotiations in Copenhagen. Panel includes Alden Meyer from UCS, Dr. Kumi Naidoo from GCCA, David Waskow from Oxfam America, and Kathleen McGinty for Chair, White House Council on Environmental Quality.
Obama's Forward Motion on Climate Solutions
President Obama Barack Obama, affirming again his commitment to substantively address the climate crisis, led the leaders of the European Union and 15 nations to join the United States in issuing a joint declaration today that promises to “spare no effort to reach agreement in Copenhagen,” the site of the next United Nations Climate Change Conference in December.
Prominent Environmental Leaders Call on U.S. to Limit Rise in Global Temperature
CAN Briefing: G8 Summit, Major Economies Forum & Road to Copenhagen (recording enclosed)
CAN Briefing on June 25, 2009 featuring Angela Anderson, USCAN, Alden Meyer, UCS, Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International, Bill Hare, Potsdam Institute and Mark Kenber, The Climate Group
Upcoming UN Climate Talks in Bonn and Int’l Implications of the American Clean Energy & Security Act (recording enclosed)
USCAN Pre-Bonn Briefing on March 24, 2009 featuring Angela Anderson, USCAN, Alden Meyer, UCS, Keya Chatterjee, WWF, Jake Schmidt, NRDC, and David Waskow, Oxfam
Climate Action Network Experts React to Outcomes of Major Economies Forum
CAN experts provide analysis of the Major Economies Forum, held in Washington, DC April 27-28, 2009.
What to Expect from the Obama Administration's Debut at UN Climate Negotiations (recording enclosed)
USCAN member representatives discuss the significance of the Obama administration's first UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany March 29-April 8.
The Impact of Tar Sands on US-Canada Climate and Energy Policies (recording enclosed)
Briefing: U.S. Lead Negotiator for G-20
Announcement of press briefing with Michael Froman, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor following the G-20 summit on September 25, 2009.
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