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Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act

Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer (CA) and John Kerry (MA) introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act on September 30, 2009, 821-page legislation aimed to reduce carbon emissions 20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by mid-century. President Obama hailed the Senate proposal, saying his administration is "deeply committed to passing a bill that creates new American jobs and the clean energy incentives that foster innovation." The bill includes significant public investment in clean energy research, as well as provisions to generate electricity from natural gas and nuclear power and support carbon capture and storage research (read summary). The Senate bill calls for a 20 percent emissions cut by 2020, a more aggressive reduction than the House-passed bill's 17 percent and President Obama's call for a 14 percent cut.

Bill Introduction

Bill as Introduced

Chairman's Mark Version



Introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Committee Action


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9:30 AM

EPW Hearing Room – 406 Dirksen


Panel 1

Panel 2

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9:30 AM

EPW Hearing Room – 406 Dirksen


Panel 1: Jobs and Economic Opportunities

Panel 2: National Security

  • John Warner, United States Senator (Retired) (download testimony)
  • Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Forces, United States Department of Defense (download testimony)
  • Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn USN (Ret.), Member, Military Advisory Board, Center for Naval Analyses (download testimony)
  • Major General Robert H. Scales (Ret.) (download testimony)
  • Drew Sloan, Fellow, Truman National Security Project (download testimony)
  • Lieutenant Colonel James Jay Carafano (Ret.), Deputy Director, Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation (download testimony)

Panel 3: Utilities

  • David Crane, President and Chief Executive Officer, NRG Energy, Inc. (download testimony)
  • Ralph Izzo, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (PSEG) (download testimony)
  • Kevin Law, President and Chief Executive Officer, Long Island Power Authority (download testimony)
  • Nathaniel Keohane, Director of Economic Policy and Analysis, Environmental Defense Fund (download testimony)
  • Joel Bluestein, Senior Vice President, ICF International (download testimony)
  • Barry Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (download testimony)
  • Dustin Johnson, Commissioner, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (download testimony)

Panel 4: Adaptation

  • Shari T. Wilson, Secretary, Maryland Department of the Environment (download testimony)
  • Ronald E. Young, President, California Association of Sanitation Agencies (download testimony)
  • Dr. Peter C. Frumhoff, Chief Scientist, Climate Campaign, Union of Concerned Scientists (download testimony)
  • Larry J. Schweiger, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Wildlife Federation (download testimony)
  • Fawn Sharp, President, Quinault Indian Nation (download testimony)
  • Jim Sims, President and Chief Executive Officer, Western Business Roundtable (download testimony)
  • Dr. Kenneth P. Green, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute (download testimony)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Panel 1: Moving to a Clean Energy Economy

Panel 2: Transportation

  • Sherwood Boehlert, Co-Chair, Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Transportation Policy Project (download testimony)
  • William Millar, President, American Public Transportation Association (download testimony)
  • Mike McKeever, Executive Director, Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) (download testimony)
  • Barbara J. Windsor, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hahn Transportation, Inc. (download testimony)

Panel 3: Actions in Other Countries

Panel 4: Moving to a Clean Energy Economy

  • Linda Adams, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency (download testimony)
  • Dave Johnson, Organizing Director, Laborers’ Union Eastern Region, Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) (download testimony)
  • J. Stephan Dolezalek, Managing Director, VantagePoint Venture Partners (download testimony)
  • David Hawkins, Director, Climate Center, Natural Resources Defense Council (download testimony)
  • Eugene Trisko, Attorney at Law, On behalf of the United Mine Workers of America (download testimony)
  • Matt Smorch, Vice President of Strategic Planning, CountryMark (download testimony)
  • Paul Cicio, Executive Director, Industrial Energy Consumers of America (download testimony)

Key Developments

Senate Committee Passes Climate Bill

WASHINGTON, Nov. 5, 2009 - The Clean Energy Jobs bill advanced through a key committee in early November 2009. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passed their version of the bill by 11-to-1, despite a boycott of the vote by the panel's Republicans. The bill will now be merged with legislation being written by five other Senate panels. Read more

Senate Hearings Kick Off Climate Bill Debate

WASHINGTON, October 27 - With Democrats and Republicans deeply divided about the need for and cost of curbing climate changing pollution and pursuing an energy economy that tilted away from dirty and expensive fossil fuels, the United States Senate today launched a potentially far-reaching debate on legislation designed to secure the environment and propel a new industrial chapter for the American economy. Read more

Obama Expresses Support for Strong Climate Change Legislation

BOSTON, October 23 - Speaking Friday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, President Barack Obama expressed his strong support for legislation to control climate change by limiting greenhouse gas emissions (Watch video). Obama said he is looking to Congress to pass "comprehensive legislation that will finally make renewable energy the profitable kind of energy in America." Read his full remarks

Boxer, Kerry Restart Climate, Energy Debate With New Senate Bill

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 -- Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer of California and John Kerry of Massachusetts today introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, a proposal that calls for reducing carbon emissions 20 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by mid-century. Read more

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