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Climate Fast Facts: North Dakota

Clean Businesses (2007)Clean Jobs (2007)Clean Job Growth
Overall Job Growth
Jobs Growth
137 2,112 30.9% 9.4 6,000


Climate & Energy Resources



North Dakotans stand to gain much by green investment. A $150 billion clean energy investment across the country would bring 4,000 jobs and about $330 million investment to the state, reducing unemployment by 1.2 percent. Low-income workers’s wages would increase by 2.4 percent.



Investments in renewable energy sources will deliver a significant boost to the North Dakotan economy. An investment in green infrastructure in the United States of $100 billion would bring 331 solar jobs and  271 in wind to the state.


Cut Costs

The average family in North Dakota will save $10.95 per month on vehicle fuel costs if the American Clean Energy and Security Act was enacted.


Climate Consequences

If the climate crisis is not addressed, significant health, agricultural and water issues will implact South Dakota. Heavy rainfalls will increase expontentially, with big storms historically seen only once every 20 years instead coming every 4 to 6 years by the end of the century. Flooding and severe flooding will be especially devastating for crops and lead to increase cases of waterborne diseases.


State Actions

While Congress debates climate and energy legislation on the Hill, the North Dakotan state government has set goals for state renewable portfolio standards and has instituted financial incentives that promote biofuels.


Regulating Carbon Markets


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