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Sign-on Letters

Against Amendments in Interior Appropriations that Prevent EPA from Calculating Indirect
We write to urge you to vote against any amendment in the Interior Appropriations Bill that will prevent the EPA from completing its assessment of the full life-cycle impacts, including those from indirect land-use change, from biofuels in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). Preventing EPA from analyzing indirect landuse change is an affront to science and ignores the global impact that US energy and agricultural policies have on the world’s poor. Calculating the land-use impacts of increased biofuels production is critical to encouraging the production of biofuels that do not compete with food. As demand for biofuels increases, more and more land is shifted away from food production and towards biofuel production. When this happens, short supply of food results in volatile price spikes, that is, until more land is converted from a natural ecosystem to agricultural land. The past few years are evidence that this is happening. The calculation of indirect land-use change is the only mechanism we have to discourage the production of biofuels that cause these massive market disturbances and impact food prices.
Letter to President Obama on Canada's Prime Minister Visit on Sept 16, 2009
A joint letter from CAN-Canada and USCAN to President Obama, urging him to use Prime Minister Harper's visit to DC on Sept 16, 2009 as an opportunity to further a strong global agreement on climate change.
Senate Biofuels Hunger letter
We write to you as hunger, development, environment and religious organizations concerned about the impacts of expanding demand for biofuels on global hunger. We oppose any attempt to weaken the Renewable Fuel Standard’s definition of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels and to exclude emissions from indirect land-use change. Last year, world markets were shaken by a sharp rise in food prices. The demand for biofuels was an important factor in this increase, both because of its impact on corn prices and because the diversion of croplands into biofuels production led to increases in prices for wheat and other grains. The International Food Policy Research Institute has estimated that it accounted for 30% of the rise in grain prices. Several months ago, more than 170 scientists, including a number of Nobel Laureates, wrote to the California Air Resources Board supporting its proposal to include indirect land use changes in the calculation of lifecycle analysis of biofuels.
Hunger, Development, Environment and Religious Coalition Letter Boxer, Bingaman and Harkin Opposing Weakening of RFS Life-Cycle Emissions
Aug. 27 2009 sign-on letter to Senate chairs from hunger, development, environment and religious coalition.
Letter to Boxer, Harkin, Bingaman on Biofuels
Enviro sign-on urging the inclusion of emissions from indirect land-use change in the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).
Coalition of over 300 Sign-On Letter to Senate to Strengthen House Bill
A broad coalition of more than 300 faith, human rights, social justice, and environmental groups sent a letter to U.S. senators Aug. 26 calling for energy and climate legislation that is much stronger than the Waxman-Markey bill that passed the House of Representatives June 26.
Broad Coalition Urges Support for a Strong National Renewable Electricity Standard
Sign-on letter from August 2009 urging support for S. 433, a bill to establish a renewable energy standard of 25% by 2025.
Blue Green Alliance Letter to Senate
Aug. 3, 2009 Blue Green Alliance letter urging senators to create long-lasting, high-quality jobs and stave off the worst effects of climate change.
NGO Sign-on Letter to Senate Chairmen Urging Investments in Adaptation & GHG Reduction in Developing Countries
A coalition of environmental, development, social justice, and faith groups signed-on to letter urging senators to support international financing and emissions reductions for developing countries.
Letter From Environmental, Development, Faith Community to Senate
Over 40 organizations from the environmental, development, and faith community signed this letter, July 28, to urge senators to champion a clean-energy future in upcoming legislation.
Sign-on Letter Urging Senators to Deliver Strong Climate and Energy Legislation
A July 28, 2009 sign-on letter from 48 NGOs urging Senators to move America toward a clean energy future by supporting a strong climate and energy bill.
Opposition to Legislative Action Prohibiting or Delaying the Inclusion of Carbon
We, the undersigned diverse group of environmental groups, business associations and public interest organizations, write today to urge you to oppose any legislative prohibition or delay on the inclusion of carbon emissions from indirect land use change (ILUC) in the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from biofuels in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) as part of the FY 2010 appropriations process.
Letter to Appropriations Chairs Inouye, Cochran on Indirect Land Use Change Emissions Inclusion
A July 22, 2009 letter from 36 organizations urging Chairman Inouye and Vice Chairman Cochran to oppose legislation that would exclude carbon emissions from indirect land use change in the life cycle of greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels in the Renewable Fuels Standard.
Letter to Chairman Boxer Opposing Exclusion of Indirect Land Use Emissions from Biofuels
A July 22, 2009 letter from 31 organizations to Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Chairman Barbara Boxer opposing legislation prohibiting indirect land use change in the life cycle of greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels.
Letter from College, University Presidents to Reid Urging Environmental Education Funding
More than 150 college and university presidents call on the Senate to help prepare the American people for a clean energy economy by including in the climate bill funds for education - at all levels - to help Americans make well-informed decisions as consumers, workers, business-owners, and investors.
Declaration of the Leaders of the MEF on Energy and Climate
Declaration released after the MEF meeting July 9, 2009 in L'Aquila, Italy.
Sign-on Letter to Pres Obama on 2 Degree C Target
47 CEOs of regional, national and international organizations, representing faith, development, environment, and youth, signed on to this letter to President Obama urging him to work with world leaders to set a strong, science-based goal of reducing emissions to keep global warming as far below 2 degrees C as possible.
United Steelworkers Letter in Support of H.R. 2454
A June 25, 2009 letter from the United Steelworkers to members of Congress in support of the American Clean Energy and Security Act
AFL-CIO Letter to Congress Supporting the American Clean Energy and Security Act
A June 25, 2009 letter from the AFL-CIO in support of climate legislation that "will create new economic opportunities and preserve existing jobs" while reducing global warming pollution and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
Letter from American Lung Association on pollution from Biomass
As you consider legislation to address global climate change and energy policy, the American Lung Association urges you to use this opportunity to target widespread pollutants that can both directly harm lung health of millions of Americans and worsen global climate change. At a minimum, we urge you to select mechanisms that prevent increases in ambient air pollution and hazardous air pollutants.
Letter from Building and Construction Dept of AFL-CIO in Support of H.R. 2454
A June 24, 2009 letter to members of the House of Representatives on behalf of 13 national and international trade unions (collectively representing 2.5 million skilled craft professionals) in support of the American Clean Energy and Security Act.
Sign-on Letter to House Representatives on ACES
On June 23, 2009, 29 organizations signed on to this letter urging Representatives to vote for the American Clean Energy & Security Act.
Clean Economy Network "Competing By Leading" Open Letter to President Obama and Congress
Clean Economy Network, comprised of large and small business and energy groups from across the country, released this open letter June 23, urging the passage of climate legislation.
Letter from American Wind Energy Association in Support of ACELA
The American Wind Energy Association thanks the leadership for recognizing and taking advantage of an important oppurtunity to move towards bipartisan clean energy solutions.
ILUC house letter asking Congressmen to Reject Weakening of Global Warming Standards for Biofuels from Appropriations
On behalf of our millions of members and activists, we strongly urge you to oppose any attempt to sidestep the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) process to assess the full lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels (including emissions from indirect land-use change) through the appropriations process. These backdoor attempts to prevent EPA from conducting this analysis would stop the use of solid scientific analysis to guide biofuels policy. We urge you to oppose any amendment that would prevent EPA from moving forward with its peerreviewed scientific process.
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