2021-2022 Action Teams

2021-2022 Action Teams

Stop Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Building Power from the Grassroots Up 

Mobilizing around Vision for Equitable Climate Action

Advancing 100% Clean and Renewable Energy


Network Alignment Action Teams

Voting Participants have selected the five priorities for the upcoming year, and Action Teams have been developed for each. Each group consists of two co-chairs and a group of participants that work together to define work they want to do, how they intend to do it and carry it out.

The Action Teams are part of a broader strategy to inspire members to connect with one another, align on topics and bodies of work that are important and work together in productive ways. This ‘connect-align-produce’ sequence is a foundational network concept that reflects an understanding that “as connections are made, the potential for members to align emerges, and after that members start to undertake collective projects.” It supports USCAN’s theory of change, which is that if we work together we will successfully impact climate change.

Composition of Action Teams

Up to ten people from member organizations may participate on the Action Teams, in addition to the two Voting Participants (for a total of up to 12).

USCAN is committed to equity and justice in principle and practice. To honor this commitment with regard to the composition of Action Teams, scholarships are available to ensure that Indigenous People, people of color and folks working in low income communities are supported to serve in leadership roles.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Action Teams Participants

  1. Attend calls and review notes/recordings of calls if missed.

  2. Provide input via the Action Teams polls/surveys.

  3. Work with Action Teams participants to define the work you want to do together in the coming year.

  4. Engage in online/offline conversations with your peers to connect, build relationships, learn from and share with one another, and advance agreed upon work.

  5. Commit to following the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing.

  6. Action Teams will meet monthly and there could be work between, so expect at least two hours per month and up to eight hours a month, depending on the work being done by the Action Teams.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Action Team Co-Chairs

  1. Uphold the expectations and responsibilities of Action Teams participants.

  2. Provide leadership to the Action Teams to define the body of work members will do together, develop goals and objectives, create a plan with timeline and advance the work.

  3. Work with staff to schedule meetings, plan meeting agendas (including purpose, outcomes and process) and update the Action Team calendar.

  4. Facilitate portions of calls/meetings.

  5. Action Team Co-Chairs will have a monthly call with USCAN staff to plan Action Team agendas and track group progress. Co-Chairs may spend 5-12 hours a month supporting the Action Team. 

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