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Job Announcement

Temporary - 1 year

Salary (70k to 80K)

Job Title:  Southern Company Campaign Director

Location: Preference for person based in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi.  Work will be performed from home, but will include some travel and in person actions. This position leads a remote team.

The Arm in Arm strategic objective is to ignite a transformational era that ends the climate crisis centering racial and economic justice.  In order to achieve this, we are working to mobilize 3.5% of the U.S. population (or approximately 11 million people). One key campaign is taking on Southern Company, a monopoly utility in the US Southeast that has been blocking climate actionThe campaign vision is: We believe our energy systems should support the health, safety, well-being of our communities, and not extract our wealth or threaten our well-being. To get there, we want to shift power into the hands of our communities to determine a clean and just energy future, and to shift power away from the hands of shareholders and CEOs of Southern Company. 

Towards that vision, this year we’re working to: 

  • Make SoCo’s financial involvement in our governments a top issue of corruption in this year’s elections. 
  • Expose the toxic and extractive practices of SoCo and raise awareness of who has power to influence energy policy in our region. 
  • Train & grow a vocal base of people to join our campaign so that we can build towards a longer term effort and who have the skills to lead and willingness to take dramatic action.

To do this, we will be supporting people in participating in sustained acts of disruptive humanitarianism and civil disobedience.   Our approach engages the willing to build a strong base of supporters and helps people connect the dots on the climate crisis and plug in. 

You can learn more about Arm in Arm here: https://arminarm4climate.org/

Position Description: 

  • Coalition Management. Manage and execute a campaign with multiple partners, building a grassroots bas in alignment with the overall AiA Organizing strategy and in consultation with the National Coordinator and with the help of the AiA Data/Canvassing lead and Digital Engagement Manager
  • Management. Manage staff, service providers, vendors, and consultants, as well as project plans as needed to achieve program goals
  • Participate actively in the Arm in Arm team, to share responsibility in developing an inclusive, learning-based culture that centers campaigns to make real-world change.

Reports to: National Coordinator

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Actions
    • Implement actions that inform and activate the communities most harmed by Southern Companies practices. 
    • Responsible for ensuring action logic is clear, organizing all elements of action, including providing clear roles for volunteers and creating a detailed run-of-show for actions.
    • Use VAN and other tools to support in person and online recruitment to actions, integrating in fundraising working with the Development Director.
  • Training
    • Work with AiA training lead and trainers to ensure that trainings are updated with any changes in strategy. 
    • Integrate the Act-Recruit-Train cycle into Arm in Arm’s work, such that every action participant is recruited to a training and then to the next action.
    • Hub: Support hub formation and development in three states. Identify and support at least three leaders in each of the focus states GA, AL, and MS. Support them in utilizing both online and offline tactics to achieve campaign goals.
  • Coaching
    • Coach volunteer leaders in each state and interns in each state to meet campaign goals.


The ideal candidate has the following:

  • Relevant experience. Has researched, planned, and leveraged demands as part of a corporate campaign or legislative campaign, and has managed a coalition.
  • Experimental and strategic thinking. No matter what the challenge is in front of you, you’ll break it down and try problem-solving with a mix of traditional and non-traditional approaches.
  • Strong writing and verbal skills. The ability to communicate information clearly is fundamental to this role, especially to recruit volunteers and via strategy-related documents.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. You are confident in interacting with other staff, external partners, organizations, volunteers, and consultants. You have experience working with broad groups of activists, ideally in the environmental justice and/or racial justice fields.
  • Top-notch organization skills. There’s a lot to keep track of in this role, and nothing can fall through the cracks. Managing multiple priorities, timeliness, and attention to detail is key.
  • Ability to effectively use a climate justice/racial justice frame of reference to write strong and persuasive strategic plans and program development materials.
  • A commitment to climate justice and racial justice.

Desired Characteristics

  • The willingness and ability to embrace ambiguity and encourage experimentation and innovation.
  • Willingness to show gratitude and encourage mutual appreciation for the ideas and contributions of all.
  • Commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • A preference for cooperation, high levels of trust, sincerity, and openness to experience. 

USCAN offers an egalitarian workplace where intelligence, flexibility, transparency, and good humor are highly valued. We offer a robust benefits and vacation package. Learn more about us at http://www.usclimatenetwork.org. We hope to start orientation for this position in May 2022.

How to Apply 

Applicants should submit a cover letter describing their interest and qualifications for this position and desired salary, along with a resume, and professional references via email to [email protected].  In the Subject Line, put your “First Name Last Name, Southern Company Campaign Director”  We will be accepting applications until June 3rd or until the position is filled. No inquiries by phone, please.

US Climate Action Network encourages diversity and prohibits discrimination in the office place. The organization exceeds the anti-discrimination policies of the District of Columbia and of the federal government. Specifically, USCAN prohibits discrimination in hiring on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, disability, matriculation, political affiliation, source of income, place of residence or business, gender identity, or socio-economic status. USCAN will do our best to make staff positions accessible to women, people of any ethnic background, people of any age, Indigenous people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer people, disabled people, and other under-represented communities in our kind of organizations – including communities most impacted by climate change or impacted by other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustice.


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