Carrie Clayton, Interim Executive Director, Senior Network Systems Director

cclayton [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org |

Carrie and her team administer the internal organization and infrastructure necessary to run an effective network. Please reach out to Carrie with questions about: international coordination of work between Climate Action Network Nodes; interest in joining the USCAN Board; connectivity mapping of the network; United Nations Climate Change Conference (aka COP); Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work; USCAN Member Catalyzing Grants; and anything to do with accounting.

Carrie is an experienced non-profit administrator and director. She has 15+ years of experience and a strong history of success in a wide range of execution and administration of organizational policies, finance, grant management, public policy, logistics and processes. With a degree in Environmental Studies/Biology, she brings a unique mix of education and experience to her position at USCAN. Recently returning to the West Coast, she enjoys spending her free time exploring many places near her new (again) home.

Rosita Scarborough, Senior Director of Network Engagement

rscarborough [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org 


Rosita Scarborough has 20 years of experience including numerous roles with The Nature Conservancy. She started her career as an Office Manager with a field-based program in Florida, eventually becoming the first Conservancy employee to be permanently stationed in Africa and responsible for establishing the organization’s infrastructure on the continent, and rising the ranks to become one of TNC’s Executive Council members, where she served as interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Rosita is excited to be with US CAN now as it brings her back full circle to her ‘roots’ in conservation based on her life and experiences growing up in Kenya where her mom and aunt established a grassroots conservation movement centered around human rights, environmental 

advocacy and civic empowerment. Her current role with US CAN as the Senior Director of 

Network Engagement will entail building relationships, trust and alignment between US CAN members, and also moving them towards reaching US CAN’s vision by facilitating work that they co-create together.

Amelia Cole

Amelia Cole, Finance Director

acole [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org 

Amelia Cole is the current Systems Director at USCAN. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Kent State University, Ohio, and started her career as a Job Developer for adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. She later moved on to her local Department of Social Work where she functioned as an accounting specialist. Joining USCAN has renewed her drive to be more vigilant about climate change, especially through the lens of racial and environmental justice.

Amelia lives with her husband and two sons. In her spar time, she reads voraciously, volunteers her time with the local Down's Syndrome community, learning about different cultures - especially the variety of food, learning different languages, and spending quality time with her family outdoors.

Shontaé Cannon-Buckley, Member Relations Manager

sccannonbuckley [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org 

Shontaé Cannon-Buckley's life's work and goal is around abolition, and ending mass incarceration in the United States. Shontaé has led campaigns around environmental justice in the City of Buffalo and Turtle Island (United States) at large.  For the past 10 years Shontaé has worked to reduce harm in all walks of life, whether that be to the earth or carceral individuals. She believes we have to have sustainable and well resourced options. While continuing to grow, build and do whatever we can to prioritize all life. She believes we must reduce, reuse, relearn and transform to end climate change and other systems of harm. She believes in organizing at the intersections of embodied leadership, healing justice and political education.  Shontaé resides in Buffalo, New York with her family and array of pets, she states her best work has come as a mother, to Nayeli and Walter-Orlu. She will always use her voice and actions to better her children’s future and the seventh generation to come.


Marie Risalvato, Healing Centered, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Partner

mrisalvato [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org 

Marie is currently Network Engagement Director at USCAN. For the past five years, Marie worked as the Communications Director, improving the Network's online resources, expanding its social media presence, and building out other communications' infrastructure and processes. Whether it was engaging in the United Nation's Framework Convention on Climate Change or jumping in to help with the People's Climate Movement, Marie has both learned from and contributed a great deal by collaborating with others on different Network issue areas. Before joining USCAN, Marie worked for several online businesses improving their online presence and managing other administrative aspects of business.  Marie received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Florida with an emphasis on sustainability. Her passion for environmental justice and determination to work towards a sustainable future led her to move from her home state of Florida to Washington, D.C. in 2010.

Photo of Stephanie Ready

Stephanie Ready, Membership Coordinator

sready [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org

Stephanie is our data management and administrative guru. Please reach out to Stephanie with question about the USCAN Member Center, social media, and meeting requests/logistics. 

Stephanie recently moved from Indiana to Washington, DC to join USCAN as the Network Systems Coordinator.

She has previously used her degrees in Political Science and Gender Studies by working on political campaigns that aimed to elect minority candidates that sought to bring much needed diversity to Indiana politics. Stephanie enjoys talking endlessly about her niece, hiking, knitting, and sci-fi/fantasy in her free time.

Lindsay Harper

Lindsay Harper | Arm in Arm National Core Support Team Coordinator

lharper [at] arminarm4climate [dot] org 

Lindsay Harper began her work in environmental, economic and social justice in 2013 with the launch of her flagship global initiative GreenGoingForward. She recognized then that there is a need to engage diverse communities through various collaborations including new media, small businesses, and the nonprofit sector. One of the most successful outcomes of her efforts was a Go 4 Green Sustainability Tour held at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in 2014. Lindsay believes that in seeking economic development, utilizing a community-lead approach to business education can facilitate strong #InKind economies, create multi-generational wealth, and build leadership and capacity. Applying these principles will directly address the systemic economic issues perpetuating the climate crisis. 

Lindsay was appointed to the position of Executive Director for Georgia WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions) in 2018; the first African-American woman to hold the position. Lindsay is a native of Atlanta, GA, and a second-generation graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC. She also holds dual Masters of Business Administration degrees from Georgia State University and the Paris-Sorbonne University

Kyle Sanborn, Network Administrator

ksanborn [at] usclimatenetwork [dot] org 

Kyle Sanborn is the Network Administrator at USCAN with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity. 

Kyle hopes to create and maintain a solid technological foundation for USCAN and its collaborators as well as utilize data to our advantage for informed decision-making.

If you have any questions regarding technology, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kyle for assistance.






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