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March 28, 2017

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Washington, DC  -- Leading US climate experts and advocates who are part of the US Climate Action Network issued the following statements:

“The Trump Administration is taking a tone-deaf approach on acting on climate change. Instead of heading towards the future of the new energy economy it is running full steam ahead into a past which the door has been sealed shut by market forces. The transition is now and inevitable because fossil fuel extraction is bad for business and people’s health. By rolling back President Obama’s necessary safeguards Trump is making it difficult for American workers to be a part of the global transition to the clean energy economy.  People do not want the government to ignore the health impacts and the economic stability that will enhance American communities and families and grow local economies by acting on climate change and the United States will continue our climate action with or without him.”

—  Tina Johnson, Policy Director, US Climate Action Network

“The Executive Order has nothing to do with our nation’s ‘energy independence’ since we already rely mostly on domestic sources.  The Order is neither pro-jobs, pro-environment or pro-health.  It is, however, a recipe for disaster and an environmental injustice in the making that will hit our most vulnerable populations and communities hardest.”

—  Dr. Robert D. Bullard, Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy, Texas Southern University

“Today's devastating rollback of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) will severely impact vulnerable populations nationwide. Withdrawing the protections offered by the CPP leaves frontline communities vulnerable to environmental onslaughts caused by climate change. Not only that, but communities of color and/or those of low socioeconomic status are more impacted by the air pollution surrounding power plants. Living near power plants causes increased respiratory illnesses, including asthma and COPD, and increased cancer rates. The Clean Power Plan was and is not only an opportunity to curb the impacts of climate change, but to reduce decades of environmental health inequity.” 

—  Adrienne L. Hollis, PhD, Esq., Director of Federal Policy, WE ACT for Environmental Justice

“Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students represent communities that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. President Trump’s reversal of President Obama’s climate change plans will have detrimental affects on our communities. As students we look forward to entering into an economy that creates jobs as well as protect our environment. This reversal does neither! We are the future and we need a President that will protect our future and not sell it off to the highest bidder!”

— Mario Jones, HBCU Climate Change Consortium

"Seventy-eight percent of polluting power plants are located in communities of color and poor communities. By blocking the Clean Power Plan, the first federal air quality to ensure environmental justice, Donald Trump becomes the first President to champion environmental racism and injustice.”

—Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice

“The roll back of the previous policy aimed at protecting the environment and combating climate change in the name of providing jobs is a setback to everyone, not only for the United States but for the world. In reality, there are many disadvantages of fossil-fuel based economy in the marketplace today, while clamping down carbon emission will surely support better economy. The Islamic Climate Change Declaration launched in 2015 calls upon all nations and their leaders to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to support vulnerable communities, both in addressing the impacts of climate change and in harnessing renewable energy, while also to lead the way in the transformation process from fossil-fuel to renewable energy powered world. As global community, we should do everything possible to protect the environment for this and future generations and leave this world a better place than we found it. Thus, renewable energy is the way forward!”

—Nana Firman, Co-Founder, Global Muslim Climate Network

“Millions of people are already forced to face rising sea levels, deadly storms and devastating drought – the result of a climate crisis they didn’t cause. The U.S. stepping back from its obligations to cut greenhouse gas emissions will directly lead to the loss of lives and livelihoods at home and abroad. Once again, the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people will be hardest hit as Trump abandons international commitments and denies their right to a safe and clean world.

“Luckily, rolling back climate action will not be as easy as Trump hopes. The Trump administration’s ongoing assaults on climate, the environment, and vulnerable communities face many legal and economic barriers. More importantly, unprecedented mass movements are mobilizing here in the U.S. to resist the authoritarian, morally bankrupt Trump agenda. These movements, led by frontline communities, are showing us the way forward to urgent climate action and a more just world.”

— Brandon Wu, Director of Policy and Campaigns,  ActionAid USA

“President Trump’s Executive Order puts millions of lives at risk here in the US and around the world. These rollbacks are reprehensible and illogical. By reversing guidance that builds climate preparedness in communities around the world, Trump is taking money out of the pockets of US taxpayers money and threatening national security and economic development. Only a small handful of corporate elites will benefit from these actions.”

— Heather Coleman, Climate Change Manager, Oxfam America

“By walking back common-sense steps to limit carbon pollution, President Trump is not only undermining the health of our kids and the future of our planet — he is also walking away from economic opportunity here and now. The rest of the world has embarked on a low-carbon path, regardless of what we do here at home. America can lead the world in the clean energy economy, and attract the jobs and investment that will bring. Or we can cede that leadership position, and those jobs, to China and Europe.  Donald Trump is choosing the latter.”

— Nathaniel Keohane, Vice President for Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

 “The wrecking ball that is the Trump presidency continues. Dismantling existing climate change programs and policies isn’t a plan—it’s an abdication of responsibility. Seas are rising, droughts are becoming more commonplace, the Mountain West’s wildfire season is getting longer and we’re seeing more record-breaking temperatures. The fingerprints of climate change are everywhere, threatening Americans’ health, safety and pocketbooks.

“We estimate the cumulative effect of repealing just the Clean Power Plan and the vehicle standards also under threat will be a 9 percent increase in energy-related emissions in 2030, or 439 million metric tons. That means emissions will go up in the U.S., just when the rest of the world is transitioning to a cleaner, healthier economy. This policy change also leaves behind those already bearing the brunt of climate change impacts.”

— Ken Kimmell, President, Union of Concerned Scientists

“Today the Trump administration showed they are willing to imperil the lives of Americans to serve the interests of the fossil fuel industry. Trump’s executive order on energy is the cynical result of installing oil executives, fossil fuel industry shills and climate deniers in the White House. This is what America looks like when democracy is hijacked by Big Oil and King Coal. The policies that Trump reversed today would have saved countless lives in the United States and around the world from the impacts of climate change and pollution. This is a clarion call to separate oil and state.”

— Janet Redman, U.S. Policy Director, Oil Change International


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