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Job Title: Senior Director of Network Engagement

Location: Work will be performed from home and this position leads a remote team.

The Senior Director of Network Engagement builds relationships, trust and alignment between US Climate Action Network (USCAN) members, and also moves them towards reaching USCAN’s vision by facilitating work that they co-create together.  The Senior Director provides overall oversight of a body of work in coordination and collaboration with the Network Engagement Team, which includes Network Engagement Director and Network Engagement Coordinator.  The Senior Network Engagement Director’s primary role is to sustain and increase member connectivity and value creation by understanding member priorities and empowering their activities together.  Toward this end, specific duties will include member weaving; overseeing the Nominations and Annual Meeting Committees; generating resources for member work and in partnership with USCAN members; providing peer learning opportunities in service of the vision; positioning USCAN as an ally in the broader struggle for justice; and fulfilling additional responsibilities as needed. The position may also evolve over time to meet emerging needs and to capitalize on the unique skills you bring to USCAN.

Reports To: The Executive Director



  1. Serves as a core member of the USCAN Executive Leadership Team to ensure we meet our vision and mission and adhere to our values.
  2. Works with the Executive Director to identify and oversee critical network infrastructure, which includes  resource development.
  3. Supervise the work of Network Engagement Director and Network Engagement Coordinator in their roles coordinating Action Teams  and other assigned duties. This team is entirely remote.
  4. Maintaining relationships with networks outside USCAN that share a commitment to justice.

Annual Meeting

  1. Serves as the primary staff coordinator for the programmatic side of USCAN’s Annual Meeting and periodic annual conferences.
  2. Sets up the committees and meeting schedule necessary to coordinate a successful annual meeting.

Member Engagement and Alignment (Member Weaving)

  1. Coordinates Action Teams, ensuring that all conference calls and other meetings are programmed in advance; facilitates discussion and takes notes during calls and meetings; and updates the Network Executive Director on trends and opportunities as needed.
  2. Engages members in USCAN’s areas of work according to the Member Engagement Cycle. 
  3. Works with members to participate fully according to appropriate tiers and requirements. 
  4. Facilitates the development of aligned priorities that come out of the annual network alignment process.
  5. Works collaboratively with the Network Systems Sr. Director and Network Systems Coordinator  to implement, monitor, assess and improve systems that allow for members to connect better with one another. 
  6. Develops and implements processes/systems to support learning, promote sharing and building alignment among members.

Resource Development

  1. Serves as the prime liaison between the Network Engagement Team, Members, Action Teams and the resource development team. 
  2. Ensures content is provided for fundraising appeals, proposals, and donor communications/reports.
  3. Identifies and partners with development staff on culturally-sensitive resource development efforts as well as making development aware of potential institutional and individual donors identified in programmatic efforts.
  4. Represents programmatic efforts in meetings with institutional and select individual donors. 

Knowledge, Learning and Sharing

  1. Works collaboratively with USCAN staff and members to identify training needs, opportunities for shared/group training and learning work groups. 
  2. Organizes peer learning opportunities for members.
  3. Works with member circles to understand member needs and concerns, and connect them with appropriate network resources.
  4. Co-coordinates evaluation processes and other research efforts as needed, as well as report findings to appropriate audiences. 

Arm in Arm

  1. Coordinates and manages core team, curriculum, workshops and trainings.
  2. Recruits and prepares participants for intensive training. 
  3. Hosts regular meetings of Hub participants.
  4. Measures impact and outcomes of curriculum.

Additional Staff Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate ad hoc member committees as needed to provide leadership and guidance for core network functions (Strategy 1.5)
  2. Assist in the strategic plan process and development of performance measures (Strategy 4.2)
  3. Additional responsibilities as needed

Desired Characteristics

  1. The willingness and ability to embrace ambiguity and encourage experimentation and innovation.
  2. Willingness to show gratitude and encourage mutual appreciation for the ideas and contributions of all.
  3. Commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. A preference for cooperation, high levels of trust, sincerity, and openness to experience. 

USCAN offers an egalitarian workplace where intelligence, flexibility, transparency, and good humor are highly valued. We offer a robust benefits and vacation package. Learn more about us at http://www.usclimatenetwork.org. Position starts September 2020.

How to Apply 

Applicants should submit a cover letter describing their interest and qualifications for this position and desired salary, along with a resume, and professional references via email to [email protected].  In the Subject Line, put your “First Name Last Name, USCAN Senior Network Engagement Director.”  We will be accepting applications until July 30 or until the position is filled. No inquiries by phone, please.

US Climate Action Network encourages diversity and prohibits discrimination in the office place. The organization exceeds the anti-discrimination policies of the District of Columbia and of the federal government. Specifically, USCAN prohibits discrimination in hiring on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, disability, matriculation, political affiliation, source of income, place of residence or business, gender identity, or socio-economic status. USCAN will do our best to make staff positions accessible to women, people of any ethnic background, people of any age, Indigenous people, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer people, disabled people, and other under-represented communities in our kind of organizations – including communities most impacted by climate change or impacted by other kinds of environmental, social, and economic injustice.

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