About Membership

USCAN is currently not accepting applications.

We will start accepting new applications starting 7/1/2024. From application deadline to notification of acceptance or rejection of membership, the process generally takes 4-6 weeks.

The application process is as follows: 

  1. Filling out and submitting an application on our website that goes to the membership coordinator.
  2. E-mailing over Annual report (if you have one), 990 tax form and/or No fossil Fuel Affidavit. 
  3. Applications reviewed and voted on bi-annually during a three tiered process that includes  staff, board of directors and members staff or board may request an interview of applicants which will include the membership coordinator reaching out to schedule a time to speak.

USCAN membership is for organizations that wish to work together with a broad spectrum of individuals from other US organizations advancing climate action. Being a member of USCAN brings you and your organization into the most dynamic and diverse global network of organizations working to advocate meaningful and effective solutions to climate change. If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the member application here to apply (Responses given in August 2024). Specifically, membership in USCAN offers:

The image above shows the elaborate network of USCAN members working together in different ways. Each member plays a vital role. The shift needed to meet our vision will require trusting each other, aligning around shared goals, and building more power together. Click the image to enlarge. Image © Courtenay Lewis. 

Democratic Participation

Our network is made for and driven by our members. In several key ways, member participation defines and guides Network priorities, activities and resource flows. First and foremost, each member organization or network selects two representatives to serve as Voting Participants, who will determine “what” the network focuses on through a democratic voting process. At the Annual Meeting, voting members select the four Network Alignment Areas that will become what the Network focuses on the subsequent year. Secondly, after Network priorities have been identified, members can appoint up to ten representatives to serve on the “Action Teams” that get established for each of the four Network Alignment Areas. In these groups, members will work together to define and implement plans. All network activities, resources and staff support members to work together within the “Action Teams” that get established for each of these Network Alignment Areas.

Our mission is to build trust and alignments

among members to fight climate change

in a just and equitable way.  

And finally, members are invited to engage in international spaces. Specifically, any staff from USCAN member organizations may participate in Climate Action Network International user groups and related international spaces. See the table below for a summary of levels of democratic participation.

Trust and Relationship Building

It is our belief that without a deeper level of trust than what currently exists across sectors, alignment is not possible and without effective alignment on key strategies, the movement cannot win.  Driven by principles of justice and equity, USCAN helps to build foundational relationships essential for collective action by creating opportunities for members to learn from, share with, work together and reach shared understanding around priority issues and by facilitating peer learning activities that foster trust and candor between members. 

Inclusion in Climate Action Network-International

All members of USCAN are also members of the Climate Action Network-International (CAN-I), a network of over 1100 organizations around the world. CAN-I closely follows a number of international climate-related processes, producing joint policy submissions to the United Nations (UN), collaborating on actions and participation as observers to various negotiations, and facilitating information sharing to enable effective advocacy. CAN-I also holds a variety of activities open to USCAN members around the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change process.

How to Become a Member

Membership is only open to non-profit public interest organizations that subscribe to USCAN’s mission (this includes both state non profits as well as federal 501c3s). For more information on membership benefits and eligibility to become a member of USCAN, please refer to our membership information sheet.  

If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the member application here to apply (Responses given in August 2024). In addition to filling this out please send over a copy of your organization’s 990 tax form (Including schedule B) to membership @usclimatenetwork.org. We review taxes to see if potential member orgs are receiving funding from fossil fuel companies. If sending over taxes is a burdensome task or complicated for other reasons you may also download, fill out and email over the No Fossil Fuel Funding Affidavit to [email protected] 

Member Center Action Teams